The Mindfulness Soiree

Madam Heap has created the Mindfulness Soiree for you to host in the comfort and flexibility of your own home. We have found that the learning and application of Mindful Living is most effective when learning it alongside others, in particular friends, peers or like-minded people. Social connection facilitates the depth and meaning in most learning and particularly in a practice like mindfulness which is largely often about connecting with others while connecting with ourselves. And besides, it’s more fun!

 How does it work?

Our mindfulness soirees are designed for small gatherings (minimum of 5 people) for a group of friends or pre-existing groups/communities (i.e., book clubs, mother’s groups, social get-togethers etc.), who would like to come together to learn about mindfulness meditation and mindful living in a fun and social way.

What does it involve?

There are two options for hosting a Mindfulness Soiree:

A taste of Mindfulness – 2 hour session that will introduce you to mindfulness. You will learn and experience how to practice mindfulness formally through meditation which is such an important practice to cultivate the skill of mindfulness. You will also be taught how to bring mindfulness into your everyday to help you to deal with life’s challenges more wisely and to get the most out of your day.


Mindful Living, Happy Being course – 3 x 2 hour sessions (i.e. 3 consecutive gatherings) which features the full Madam Heap signature course. This course is a comprehensive teaching of the necessary ingredients to living mindfully and experiencing more happiness and meaning in your life. You will be taught:

  • Why mindfulness is so important in our society today.
  • The practice of mindfulness and how to cultivate this skill through meditation.
  • The importance of bringing mindfulness into our everyday living
  • How mindful living helps us to deal with emotions and stress in healthy ways; how it allows us to take pause, focus our attention and to make wise choices in our behaviours.

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