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"Heartfulness" Meditation Series

Teacher: David Packman

4 week Series: Thursdays 7.30pm

Beginning Thurs 25 May, 2017

Cost: $150 (or $120 early bird before 16th May)

Class Length: 60 mins




Science has shown us that the heart has the most powerful energy field in our body, but where would you point if you were asked to name the place where your consciousness is located and decisions are made? Your head, right? Our indigenous ancestors would respond by touching their hearts. They understood the heart’s innate wisdom and its ability to perceive and decipher the world around them. They acknowledged the limitations of relying solely on the mind.

In this four-week course, which uses proven techniques known as HeartMath, we will practice heart-based meditations that realign our hearts and minds, helping us to rejuvenate and rebalance. This not only provides effective stress management but can also improve mental functions such as perception, intuition and creativity. Research has also shown that regular practice offers significant health benefits by improving immune function and much more.

This series is suitable for everyone; no previous experience is necessary. For more experienced meditators, these techniques will help take the benefits of your mindfulness skills to the next level. Spaces are limited.

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Men's Meditation: The Warrior Within

Teacher: David Packman

6 week Series: Wednesdays 7pm

Beginning Wed 26 April, 2017

Cost: $150

Class Length: 60 mins


This is now sold out!

Following the success of our first series, David will be hosting another six-week series of meditation classes for men. As well as open discussions around the nature of masculinity, the classes will include guided warrior meditations on energy, acceptance, connection, purpose and more.

This series is suitable for those new to the classes, as well as previous “Warrior Within" students, as it deeply expands on previous themes. No previous experience with meditation is necessary.

Spaces are limited, so get in quick!

For more information, check out here


Mindful Mat Pilates 

Teacher: Zoe Sipovac

Monday 9.30am
Wednesday 5.30pm
Friday 9.30am                    

Cost $22

Class Length: 55 minutes


Mat Pilates will improve your strength, posture and flexibility; incorporating breathing, alignment and centering technique's that leave you feeling energised and refreshed. We offer small personalised classes. Whether you’re a mum, an athlete or a couch potato, young and limber or old and inflexible, the Pilates method can and does change the way you relate to your own body and the way you carry it in the world. The power each of us holds to take control over our own well-being is startling.! It begins by becoming aware of our bodies as an integrated part of our creative minds, making movement both efficient and extremely enjoyable. Your mind is the coach and the muscles of your body are your team. No one sits on the bench!

Mindful Yoga 

Teacher: Tina Bruce

Tuesdays 7.00pm                                       Wednesdays 9.30am
Thursdays 9.30am  

Cost: $25

Class Length: 60 mins

Yin yoga is a slower 'Yin' style of yoga which incorporates longer held static stretches and restorative poses. Yin heals by softening sore muscles, releasing tight joints and calming the mind. It requires you to slow down your breath so that your thoughts aren't running your entire nervous system. The hunger for a yoga practice that allows for both rest and looking inward seems strongly desired in our hectic and stressful lives. Simply stopping and becoming present with yourself will allow for the Yin to do its thing!


Yoga Mums and Bubs 

Teacher: Tina Bruce

Tuesdays 10.30am 

Cost: $25

Class Length: 60 mins

This class is designed to give women the opportunity to stretch, relax and unwind alongside their baby. The yoga poses are very Yin like. All movement is gentle, with an extra long Savasana too. You will learn calmness on the mat so that you can be more present and enjoy your family off the mat too. Some classes you may be able to join the whole class, other days your baby may be unsettled and you have to breastfeed or walk them around. Don't feel like you need your baby to be quiet! The classes are suitable for mums and babies who are a minimum of 6 weeks old, up until they are moving around independently.