Friends of Madam Heap

Our studio is also home to various independent programs run by our friends in the wellness space. Please see below for upcoming events...

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Saturday 15th September, 10-12pm

Investment: $45 

Spring to Life

Teacher: Sacha Stewart

Spring is a time of rebirth, sudden growth and expansion.

We step out of the confinements of winter, into longer days, and the world blossoming around us; however, this can often feel quite unpredictable, and our equilibrium can often feel a little out of balance, even quite fatigued, during the transition.  

In this 2 hour workshop I’ll support you to understand what you can expect from this new season energetically and physically.  

  • You will work with the energy of the upcoming equinox encouraging harmony and balance.
  • You will go through a process of assisting stuck thoughts and stagnation to move through the body and mind, letting go of anything you might be holding on to, helping  you to be able to fully embrace the new season.
  • You will use breath work and light movement to empower and enliven you.  
  • Through mediation you will encourage balance and rejuvenation within, as well as connect into your heart space and your own inner knowledge.
  • Lastly we will work with living intentionally, setting the tone for the time ahead.  

Through meditation, ritual, and energetic knowledge, you'll invite the seeds of what you planted through winter to begin to come to life.

For more information and/or to register head to


Begins Saturday 4th August (finishes 25th August), 10.00 - 11.15am

Investment: $260 (medicare rebates for group therapy may apply)

Heal Trauma with Your Body

Teacher: Melissa Sui (Clinical Psychologist)

Heal Trauma with Your Body is a four-week group aimed at exploring the relationship between trauma and the body, and how to use the body’s resources to help heal trauma.

The group is for people who have experienced trauma, be it from childhood to late adulthood. Groups are limited to 7 people, in a supportive environment, and include:

  • education about trauma and how to affects the nervous system, ways to regulate the nervous system, and thus, re-wire the brain
  • practical exercises in-session to develop mindful awareness and emotion regulation
  • handouts and links to useful resources to reinforce your learnings and experiences

For more information and/or to register, contact Melissa Siu on 0438 952 795