Friends of Madam Heap

Our studio is also home to various independent programs run by our friends in the wellness space. Please see below for upcoming events...

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Saturday 16th June 2018                       12pm - 2pm

Investment: $60 (all materials included)

Creativity for Mindfulness

Teacher: Karlie Gartner

We’ve all heard about the benefits of incorporating mindfulness into our everyday lives, but many of us struggle to access this elusive state of being. Immersing ourselves in creative practice is one way to stimulate communication between various parts of our brain and focus our mind on the current moment and immediate environment. This diverts our mind from our usual thoughts and worries, allowing us to access a state of mindfulness.

Join us in this workshop to reconnect with your innate creativity and draw on the mindful benefits it can have on our wellbeing. We will utilise art therapy processes to reflect on our current state of being, and explore areas we would like to change, along with the resources we can call on to assist.

No ‘artistic’ skills are required as we focus on the art-making process, over the end product. We will use mediums such as pencils, pastels and collage, and you will have the opportunity to gain new perspectives as you share and witness insights in a supportive group environment if you choose to.


  • An introduction to Art Therapy
  • Creative Techniques for Mindfulness
  • Exploration Processes to gain a greater sense of self awareness
  • How to examine your artwork through an Art Therapy lens
  • Tools to take away to continue your creative journey

For more information and/or to register head to

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Sunday 1st July 2018                               10am - 5pm

Investment: $175                                    ($159 Early Bird before 17th June)

Meditation Workshop

Teacher: Kristen Ross

If you’re stressed, anxious, overwhelmed or tired from the busyness of everyday life, or if you just want to learn how to meditate, this 1-day workshop will help you make meditation work for you. In this workshop you will:

  • Learn how a range of user-friendly mindfulness meditation techniques.
  • Discover which meditation techniques best suit you.
  • Structure your personal meditation experience to help you
    • calm your mind
    • improve concentration
    • think clearly
    • fall asleep deeply
    • connect with your body

You will leave feeling confident and empowered to start meditating on your own at home. This workshop is a great place to start if you are new to meditation, or you want to build on your skills.

For more information and/or to register head to


Begins Saturday 4th August (finishes 25th August), 10.00 - 11.15am

Investment: $260 (medicare rebates for group therapy may apply)

Heal Trauma with Your Body

Teacher: Melissa Sui (Clinical Psychologist)

Heal Trauma with Your Body is a four-week group aimed at exploring the relationship between trauma and the body, and how to use the body’s resources to help heal trauma.

The group is for people who have experienced trauma, be it from childhood to late adulthood. Groups are limited to 7 people, in a supportive environment, and include:

  • education about trauma and how to affects the nervous system, ways to regulate the nervous system, and thus, re-wire the brain
  • practical exercises in-session to develop mindful awareness and emotion regulation
  • handouts and links to useful resources to reinforce your learnings and experiences

For more information and/or to register, contact Melissa Siu on 0438 952 795