Finding YOUR Spiritual Path

Erin Kyna will be back in Melbourne to run this one off special workshop sharing her new learnings and experiences from her most recent “walkabout”. 

Beyond our bodies and minds, there is an even more significant part of who you are - your spirit.  This non-tangible part is infinite in nature, and is here to guide, support, and help navigate your life.

So how do you connect with your spirt, and develop a healthy relationship?

How do you be guided by our spirit to align with your life path and purpose?

Erin will give her learnings on how to connect with your unique spirit (unlike no other) so that rather than feeling weighed down or burdened by life, it can be replaced with freedom, joy and relief. Life becomes a beautiful fun game to enjoy, rather than a journey to be endured!

Come join us! Yummy treats and tea provided.


Date: Wednesday 21st Feb

Time: 7pm-8.30pm

Investment: $50

*Packaged discount redcued to $40 for those also attending the Mindful Walk, please contact


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