What is mindful living?

It starts with bringing the practice of mindfulness into our everyday. Being mindful throughout our day means we are experiencing more of life as we walk through it. However it’s more than this; being mindful means we’re also aware of what’s going on inside us. This allows us to make more conscious and wise choices, to act rather then simply react, and to lead a more fulfilling life.

Why is mindful living so important?

We now experience a life that is fast paced and high-pressured, submerged in smartphones. We have become locked in thoughts, at war with emotions, and disconnected from ourselves and so much around us. It’s frantic! The practice of mindfulness has therefore become essential to re-focus our attention and step out of this mayhem of modern society and all the stress and anxiety that comes with it. It is an incredible tool to help us understand and deal with our racing thoughts and difficult emotions in healthy ways.

Mindfulness is now being learnt by all walks of life. It is exciting times! And the practice of mindfulness through meditation is now scientifically proven to neurologically benefit our mind’s health, as well as our physical health. Mindfulness for the mind, is like nutrition and exercise for the body. We all need it!

Mindful Living is taking this powerful practice into our everyday lives. Mindful living allows us to be really experiencing everything that we do, to come back to ourselves and to act with integrity. This allows us to get the most out of ourselves and our lives for the short time we are on this planet! This is the core of happiness.

Why Madam Heap?

Humans are complex. The world is complex. And because of this, mindfulness can appear complex, confusing and still a little daunting for many. We have created Madam Heap to make the simple practice of mindful living simple once again. And we deliver this teaching in a creative, enjoyable and meaningful way. We look forward to sharing it with you!