The Shaman's Heart series

It is time to make that most important of journeys -- from our heads to our hearts. Led by David Packman, across 4 weeks in October, we will bring together the powerful music of Byron Metcalfe, proven HeartMath techniques and much more, that entwine the modern science of the heart with ancient Shamanic wisdom to bring forth and nurture the innate virtues of our heart. For more information.

Mini Meditation in the park

Practice mindfulness with your little ones in the open air! We invite mums and dads to bring their little ones (babies, toddlers and children) and join us for an exciting and meaningful class of music and meditation. More information here.

Meditation as Medicine

Ancient wisdom told us of how the mind had influence over the body’s potential to transform and heal, but it is only relatively recently that science has begun to back this up. This one hour meditation is ideal for people facing the kind of health issues that come with daily physical and/or mental challenges, as well as carers, family and close friends. For more information.

The Big Chill

This exciting event is back! Come join us on the onSunday October 29th for an life-changing morning! For more information.

Mindfulness & Self-Compassion workshop 

In this relaxing and informal workshop, Kate James will introduce the basic concepts of mindfulness and share how you can use these concepts to create a state of inner calm and a more grounded and supportive relationship with yourself. For more information.

The Mindful Walk

We will be holding our yearly mindful walk charity event again at the start of next year. For more background.


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Feedback from our community about Madam Heap workshops and events: 

“What I will find helpful is during stressful times I can utilise these techniques to manage my thoughts that are causing stress, and I change behavior accordingly.”

Kate G.


“I had never considered mindfulness as a way of calming my emotions and dealing with the stresses of everyday life. I have been trying meditation for a few weeks now and I’m more in control of how I act and react. Best of all, my family appreciates the difference it’s making for me!”

Adam T.


"I attended the 'Mindful Living' workshop in Feb and it was beyond amazing!! Carrie & Mandy were fantastic,enthusiastic, professional speakers who worked so well together.  The theory was inspiring and at some points I was overcome with emotion but so happy to be reflecting on things so important to me through the process of meditation.
This week I have noticed a considerable change in my behaviour and has left me wanting to learn more and meditate regularly. Thank you again Madam Heap, I highly recommend this course to anyone & everyone." 

Kate H.


"I attended Madam Heap's public workshop today. I gave it 10/10 on the feedback form. It was 6 life changing hours."

Michael S.


"I attended a Madam Heap workshop and wow! It really was awesome! Mandy and Carrie make a great team and their mix of experience and knowledge was really obvious but also really relatable - they made the ideas all really accessible and relevant and practical. I truly floated out of there! And had tips and strategies I've been able to do myself. Definitely recommend for both novice and experienced mindful practitioners." 

Olivia S.