Mini Meditation in the Park

Practice mindfulness with your little ones in the open air! We invite mums and dads to bring their little ones (babies, toddlers and children) and join us for an exciting and meaningful class of music and meditation. The first part of the class will involve playful music and instruments to mindfully enjoy with your children. This will be followed by a gentle and relaxing meditation which gives mum/dad some time to unwind and also allows the child to be introduced to the wonders and benefits of meditation.

The class provides a wonderful opportunity to experience fun, connection and relaxation with your little ones!


Date: Friday 13th October

Time: 11.15am-12pm

Location: Frank and Mary Crean Reserve, Richardson St Middle Park (directly opposite Middle Park Primary School)

Investment: $20 (kids are free)

Bookings via the Mind Body App.


Please contact us for any questions:

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