The Big Chill

Join us for an incredible journey through breath and meditation followed by a rejuvenating dip in the ice!

David Packman will lead us through a technique that is comprised of three primary components: breathing exercises, focused meditation and cold exposure. These elements combine to put you back in touch with your chemistry and your own true nature, alkalising and super-charging your body to bring about tremendous benefits to the immune, nervous and lymphatic systems. Additionally, the technique has a significant impact on inflammation which research shows can improve depression and anxiety.

The day begins with an explanation and open discussion with David on the technique before moving into the breathing and meditation practice itself, all followed by a life-changing experience in the ice.


Date: Sunday 24th September

Time: 9am–11.30am

Investment: $60

This event will sell-out fast and spaces are limited, so get in quick!

Bookings via the mind body app.


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