Sunday 18 February 2018, 9.30 - 10.30am

Join us for a morning of mindful walking and meditation to support mental health. 

Why walk mindfully?

Our lives are full of chatter, alerts and distractions trying to grab ahold of our attention all at once. We're talking about the three text messages and lunch reminder you've received whilst trying to read this (wait what is for lunch?)...see what we mean? We want to help you find silence in the present moment and truly connect with each other, yourself and the world around you through the practice of mindfulness.

So what's happening?

We will start the morning with a short meet and greet, including a little bit of chat about how to walk mindfully. We will then guide you through a 30 minute silent walk around the gardens. During the walk you will encounter some mindful triggers to help you become present and your ears will be treated with a variety of sound sensations. After the walk you will be offered a few goodies donated by our generous sponsors, such as Impressed juice (yum!) and we will invite you to stick around for a bit to keep feeling connected and to enjoy some live music. This event is for everyone, so no prior mindfulness experience is necessary!

Bring your friends (maybe not the four legged ones) and do something good for yourself and your mind health!

Walk to support Livin

There is an average of eight deaths by suicide every day in Australia. This alarming statistic is a key motivation for our event which focuses on the topic of mental health. All funds raised will be donated to Livin in support of their work to change the way mental health and suicide is understood, spoken about and prevented. In helping yourself you're helping a bigger cause.

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