Mindfulness for Mums
to May 30

Mindfulness for Mums

A 4-week course for cultivating greater calm, connection and compassion

As mothers, we all want to feel less busy and distracted and more calm in stressful situations. We all share a natural desire to feel more genuine connection, compassion and gratitude. Often the busyness of life makes these things feel just out of our reach. This can lead to feelings of guilt and frustration, and us wondering if we are a good mother.

Regardless of your life circumstances, family composition or the age of your children, bringing a mindful attitude to your role as a mother will benefit you and your family.

Join us for a nurturing yet practical mindfulness course designed to address the challenges of being a present mum in this busy world of ours. You will learn to relax your body and mind, to respond rather than react in challenging situations and also how to really take care of yourself through your biggest journey of all, motherhood.

Week One: Understanding mindfulness and meditation in the context of motherhood
Week Two: Motherhood and stress, understanding your triggers and learning to respond rather than react
Week Three: Cultivating self compassion and connection, exploring how these inner resources increase well-being and happiness
Week Four: Growing gratitude within you and your family. During this final session we will also explore ways you may bring mindfulness into your family life. 

After completing this course, participants will receive access to the Harvesting Happiness online Modern Mindfulness for Mothers course through weekly meditations delivered straight to your inbox. 

Course date/time: Wednesdays 7pm-9pm (x 4 weeks commencing 9th May)

Investment: $250

Bookings: Either directly via MINDBODY or book here (search for date Wednesday 9th Mayl)

FacilitatorFleur Chambers

Fleur is the Founder of Harvesting Happiness, a certified Mindfulness and Meditation teacher and a member of Meditation Australia. Fleur's style is nurturing yet practical, evidence-based and guided by a belief that we all have an inner wisdom that if tapped into, can lead to greater well-being and happiness.  Fleur is a wife and mother of three boys.

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Celebrating Motherhood
10:00 AM10:00

Celebrating Motherhood

Being a mother is full of joys and challenges, highs and lows, love and fear. Often we can experience all these things in one day! This event led by Fleur Chambers from Harvesting Happiness is designed to create a space for you to pause, cultivate present awareness and connect to your body, heart and mind.  

Through guided meditation, journaling, reflection and conversation, you can enjoy an opportunity to sit with your current experiences as a mother and perhaps set some intentions for your future. Let's pause and celebrate all that we are, and all that we want to be.

This event is also a lovely opportunity to meet other mothers and to cultivate feelings of connection and compassion for the universal experience of motherhood. So come on your own, or bring a sister or a friend, and enjoy a morning to celebrate everything you are!

Investment: This a FREE event but places are strictly limited so please book.

Bookings: Either directly via the MINDBODY app or book here (search for date Sunday 22nd April)

This session will be led by Fleur Chambers, Founder of Harvesting Happiness, an organisation that supports mothers, kids and community members to cultivate more calm, connection and compassion in their daily life. Fleur's style is nurturing yet practical, evidence-based and guided by a belief that we all have an inner wisdom that if tapped into, can lead to greater well-being and happiness. Fleur is a wife and mother of three boys.

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Mindfulness & Self-Compassion workshop - SOLD OUT
9:30 AM09:30

Mindfulness & Self-Compassion workshop - SOLD OUT

In this relaxing and informal workshop, Kate James from Total Balance will introduce the basic concepts of mindfulness and share how you can use these concepts to create a state of inner calm and a more grounded and supportive relationship with yourself.

  • simple mindfulness techniques to create inner calm in your day
  • why we need self-compassion more than ever before
  • how to practise being kind to yourself without being self-indulgent
  • letting go of perfection and releasing judgement
  • how self-compassion makes you more open to supporting others

Investment: $90

Bookings: Sold Out

Suitable for: Anyone wanting to feel a greater sense of inner peace and gain a better understanding of themselves. Our workshop is open to participants over the age of 16. In the interests of other participants, we ask that you leave babies and children at home please.

Please bring: A water bottle, your own blanket if you tend to get cold (we do have blankets in the studio) and a journal and pen (optional). Dress in comfortable clothing.

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Healing Chanting - SOLD OUT
6:00 PM18:00

Healing Chanting - SOLD OUT

Chanting has been used in many cultures for thousands of years to uplift the spirit and to stimulate energy flow. When a group chant together the collective energy of that group is so powerful, it supports deep states of meditation.

Join us for a beautiful evening of chanting meditation with Sian Pascale from The Light Collective, where together we will use the sound vibrations to realign the energy in our bodies, enabling a shift of vital life force and a place for healing to occur.

You do not need to have a “good” voice, or have ever chanted before. There are limited places available.

Investment: $45

Bookings: SOLD OUT

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