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Mindful Mums & Bubs

Teacher: Carrie Hayward

Cost: $15

Class Length: 30 minutes

Take time out for you and your baby. This class encourages a state of connection, presence and relaxation for mum (and dads too!). It provides the perfect opportunity to experience being fully mindful and connected with your baby. We begin the class with a nursery rhyme to enjoy with your baby and this is followed by a relaxing and gentle meditation. Mindfulness skills are also learnt to help you deal with the emotional and physical challenges that can be experienced when having a new baby, and to allow for the full bonding and connecting experience with your bub. Come and meet other mothers and enjoy a cup of tea. It is 30 minutes and is suitable for babies that are non-walkers.

*If you are part of a mother's group please contact Carrie to organise your own private class (3 mum minimum required) on

Mindfulness Personal Training

Private 1:1 sessions available during the day, evening and weekends

Session Length: 60 minutes


To take up individually or with a partner/friend, these sessions allow you to learn about the fundamentals of mediation practice and how to live more mindfully in your everyday. You will take home a mindfulness program especially tailored to your own experience and needs, to help you start experiencing life and yourself more mindfully now. 

For bookings please contact:

Mindful Yoga 

Teacher: Tina Bruce

Tuesdays 7.30pm                                       Wednesdays 9.30am
Thursdays 9.30am  

Cost: $25

Class Length: 60 mins

Yin yoga is a slower 'Yin' style of yoga which incorporates longer held static stretches and restorative poses. Yin heals by softening sore muscles, releasing tight joints and calming the mind. It requires you to slow down your breath so that your thoughts aren't running your entire nervous system. The hunger for a yoga practice that allows for both rest and looking inward seems strongly desired in our hectic and stressful lives. Simply stopping and becoming present with yourself will allow for the Yin to do its thing!

Bookings via the MINDBODY app.

Yoga Mums and Bubs 

Teacher: Tina Bruce

Cost: $25 

Class Length: 60 mins



This class is designed to give women the opportunity to stretch, relax and unwind alongside their baby. The yoga poses are very Yin like. All movement is gentle, with an extra long Savasana too. You will learn calmness on the mat so that you can be more present and enjoy your family off the mat too. Some classes you may be able to join the whole class, other days your baby may be unsettled and you have to breastfeed or walk them around. Don't feel like you need your baby to be quiet! The classes are suitable for mums and babies who are a minimum of 6 weeks old, up until they are moving around independently. 

*If you are part of a mother's group please contact Tina to organise your own private class (3 mum minimum required) on