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Crystal Mandala - Resolutions Mini Retreat

This event provides you with a nourishing opportunity to shift your focus inward, think about what you really want for the New Year and take home a creative representation to help anchor those dreams for the rest of the year, to keep us on track and simply to remind us of the beautiful experience we will share together.

This is the perfect activity for anyone from beginner to the experienced artist.

Mandalas are a graphical representation of the Self - our centre. They are also a way of integrating both our conscious and unconscious.

During this three hour experience, Mandala expert, Amanda Reynolds from Amandala Life will guide you to draw your very own Mandala; representing what you want to for your 2019. 

Then you'll have the opportunity to make your Mandala come to life - creating your very own art work to take home by transferring your drawing onto a customised round 30cm wooden base, which will become the canvas for your creation.

Choose to decorate your Mandala piece with crystals, dried flowers, coloured paint etc. Loretta Carraro from Nourished Energy will be able to guide you to choose the best crystals to amplify your intention. 

We will be finishing this beautiful workshop with a Reiki healing while you sit back and enjoy a sound bath meditation with Sound Healer and Reiki practitioner, Ashleigh Bell

What's included: 

- Letting Go ritual with Botanical Goddess

- Mandala drawing workshop

- Customised 25cm wooden base for your creation 

- Crystal pack to get you started and more crystals available to purchase on the day. 

- All basic materials supplied, but please feel free to bring anything you may like to add to your creations - feathers, flowers, your own crystals etc. 

- Sound bath and Reiki healing meditation

- Beautiful gifts

- Vegan raw treats and tea 

Investment: $111

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