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Winter Wellness Workshop

Teachers: Cat Owen and Carole Jabbour

Feeling like all you want to do is hibernate?

Slow down and warm up with Cat Owen and Carole Jabbour at the gorgeous, light filled studio at Madam Heap in Albert Park.

In our two hour winter wellness workshop we’ll combine slow flow yoga and essential oils to rejuvenate your mind and body, helping you to enjoy a healthy, stress free winter.

What’s included?

  • 50 minutes warming vinyasa (flow) yoga class with Cat 

  • 50 minutes essential oils workshop to learn how to support your body and mind through winter with Carole

  • Hot cacao elixir and bliss balls infused with essential oils 

  • Yoga mats and props

10am – 10.50am Vinyasa yoga class

10.50am – 11.10am Break - hot cocao and bliss balls 

11.10am – 12pm Essential oils workshop

All yoga levels (beginner to advanced) welcome. Please arrive 5 - 10 minutes prior to ensure a prompt start at 10am.

About the facilitators:

Cat Owen

Full of energy and good vibes, anyone attending Cat’s classes is welcomed with a big smile! Cat believes in the power of music to help create a beautiful, flowy vinyasa and encourages students to tune into their bodies and feel what’s good for them. Her vision is for everyone to feel welcome on the mat, offering options for beginners and variations for more seasoned practitioners. A believer in the benefits of essential oils, Cat loves to incorporate the use of oils into her classes to help energise, invigorate or ground the senses. 

Carole Jabbour

With a degree in biochemistry and qualifications in massage and personal training, Carole is passionate about empowering others to choose mother nature's powerful essential oils. She is excited to help others learn how to use essential oils, which are extracted from plants, to support us physically and emotionally. From help with sleep, anxiety, indigestion, muscular tension to low-tox cleaning. Learn how to dilute them safely, exactly where to apply them and useful blends for everyday use. Carole chooses doTERRA essential oils for the ethical sourcing, transparent quality testing and purity of the oils. 

Investment: $34

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