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The Instinctive Woman

As women in today's modern world, it's very easy for us to lose our deep connection to our true nature, and we often put our intuition on the back burner. As we move through life we can end up taking on destructive roles, giving too much energy to what doesn't serve us, and often putting others first, in turn, forgetting about ourselves. Before long, we might not even remember what our true nature is, what she sounds like, what she needs, and what she loves.

I invite you to take some time out for yourself, and unveil the true instinctive woman inside you. Remember who she is again!! If you already have a connection with your intuition, your inner nature, this is a beautiful opportunity to go deeper and discover an even greater sense of bliss that she can give you. If you feel you have completely lost your connection, then this will gently, yet powerfully give you the tools you need to reconnect with her.

There are three options available to you:

One Day Workshop - Limited Spots - Early Bird $124 - 6th October - 10am- 5pm

Four Week Online Course - Early Bird $224 - 7th October > 3rd November

(The 4 week online course is now free with any ticket purchase to the workshop).

Early Bird ends September 19th

One Day Workshop

You will be guided through a magical journey of Meditation, Inner discovery and self awareness exercises, Unconscious Healing, Energy Healing & Intuition Work. We will have some nutritious delights and a take home goody bag to support your inner natural woman.

Four Week Online Course

To continue your journey in unveiling your true nature, re-igniting your inner fire and discovering powerful self awareness tools, the 4 Week Instinctive Woman course is offered. This can be done on its own, or in conjunction with the 1 Day Workshop. It will include profound self-discovery and self-empowering exercises each week to support you in maintaining and integrating a relationship with your true self, as well as a weekly live webinar, where we'll cover different aspects of our humanness, our feminine nature, and our inner world.

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