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What you want to know about meditation

What You Wanted To Know About Meditation (but were afraid to ask) Workshop

Teacher: Sacha Stewart

Chances are you’ve been to a few meditation classes and everyone "looks like" they know how to meditate “really well” and you feel like you’re “not doing it right.”  

Or you’ve road tested a few apps, but you’re still feeling darn confused over just how you’re meant to meditate.

Maybe you've wondered whether meditation and mindfulness are the same thing?  

Or every time you give it a go you wind up thinking, “I’m not good at this.”

Yet you’ve heard a thing or two about the benefits and think it could be really helpful, but the whole thing just feels a bit too much.  

All so common.  

In this very straightforward workshop we get back to basics, where you learn that we all have many of the same experiences and feelings during meditation.

I clear up the misconeptions and it gives you an opportunity to ask all those questions that might come up for you, but perhaps you haven’t wanted to put out there; so that next time you go to a class or hit that button on the app you feel confident and have a really good basis of understanding.

The workshop includes a meditation practice.

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