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Reiki Level 2

Teacher: Poppy Ridley

Reiki is a gentle healing modality which is used by people all over the world on their journey to holistic health and well-being. It is a subtle energy healing system that encourages the break-down of energetic blocks in the auric field while stimulating healthy energy flow. Its gentle and peaceful nature offers a safe and calming space for deep rest & rejuvenation. Reiki is often used alongside more traditional healing systems as a way for the body & mind to restore & rebalance. 

Reiki can be learnt by anyone (except for children under the age of 17 who naturally channel amplified energy). During Reiki Level 1 you learn as energetic framework to start creating your own personal healing practise, while experiencing the necessary steps to channel amplified healing energy. It is a wonderful experience that releases blocks and increases the flow of healthy energy in the mind, body & spirit.


In this workshop, you will receive three sacred Reiki symbols that can be used to magnify the amount of emotional healing you are able to channel at any given time, while also learning how to send distant reiki. It is a day of powerful meditation, cellular activation, healing, learning & soul remembering. Join a group of dedicated healers as we come together to explore the magic of this beautiful healing system.

Investment: $440 - Payment plans are available


Reiki Level 2 Attunement / Manual / Certificate / Healing meditations to support your practice + strengthen your intuition  / Learn advanced Reiki techniques and practices/ The opportunity to practice yourself + other people / Guidance on ethical and professional practice as a Reiki Practitioner / Snacks / Morning & Afternoon tea (not lunch)

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About Poppy…

Poppy Ridley is a Reiki Master, healer & teacher of the energetic arts.

Her healings and workshops offer a safe and loving space for energetic self-mastery, inner illumination & spiritual growth. 

Based in Albert Park, she specialises in deep relaxation, energetic alchemy, Life Realignment, Womb Healing, Shakti Meditation & Spiritual Development.



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