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Ditch Your Negative Self Talk

Teacher: Maddison Vernon

Needing to step off the hamster wheel of life and truly put yourself first? It’s time to ditch the negative self talk within your mind that tells you, you can’t stop, slow down or rest. That you can’t put yourself first and take care of you.

Because trust me beautiful, you deserve it.

Join life coach and meditation teacher Maddison Vernon for an intimate workshop that will help you tune out your critical self-talk and judgement that is always running in the background. To find and re-connect to a loving voice within you.

Each event is unique and truly catered to the special souls in the room. What you can expect is a delicious mix of journalling, self-reflection, guided meditations, dreamy yoga Nidra’s (yogic sleep). Helping you connect with the loving source within.

Investment: $40

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