Half Noon Meditation


Wednesdays 12.30 - 1pm

(Classes are cancelled for 14th and 21st August. Will resume on Wed 28th August).

This lunchtime class is a great way to take a pause in the middle of your day, and to re-set and reenergise both your mind and body.

The meditation class is part mindfulness and part mantra meditation. The mantra will be given to participants at the beginning of each class, and participants are guided on how to silently repeat the mantra in their minds.

Mantras are a wonderful way to help keep the mind focused and receptive to the present moment. This helps us experience a deep sense of restoration to begin our afternoons with greater energy and a sense of calm.

This classes is for all levels (both beginners and advanced).

Teacher: Dr Carrie Hayward (Psychologist and Founder of Madam Heap)

Investment: $15

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