Little Warriors Yoga


Teachers: Nikki, Claire & Stepanie

Teaching respect, bravery, relaxation, self-control and growing confidence and self-esteem.

Little Warriors Yoga has been delivering the benefits of yoga to Melbourne kids for the past few years and is set to join us at Madam Heap for Term 3!

We passionate about passing on not just the physical benefits of yoga but also teaching kids skills such as calmness, bravery and resilience to help them deal with life’s ups and downs. In addition breathing techniques that can be utilized when feeling overwhelmed and relaxation methods to refer to and bring into practice in everyday life.

Little Warrior classes (5-10 year olds):

Tuesday 4pm-5pm - (23rd July – 17th September)

Thursday 4pm-5pm - (25th July – 19th September)

Saturday 9:00am-10:00am - (27th July – 21st September)

Term Price $200

Widdle Warrior class (2-5 year olds):

Friday 9:30am – 10:15am - (26th July – 20th September)

Term Price: $180

For further information contact or 8644 4084