Mandy Dore


It all started when…

Many years ago, I ate a cake and my life took a different direction! Sounds weird hey?  In fact that particular cake had macadamia nuts in it, which I’m severely allergic to, and that day I had an anaphylactic reaction and nearly died. It was pretty scary! That day set off a chain of events in my life; one of those was stumbling across a calming meditation class as part of my recovery. This class opened up my thinking about how to best approach my life and my mind’s health.

So I started meditating regularly and I have done so for the last 18 years. Sometimes (like most good habits) I lost it for a little while, but I always came back to it in times of need. Meditation was always there for me, to help me deal with stress, calm my nerves, help me connect and to enjoy life more!

I truly believe my regular meditation practice played a pivotal role in my success in a fast paced, highly stressful corporate career. When I meditated regularly I was calmer, I handled the stress better, my mind was sharper, I made better decisions, I communicated better, I was more in the flow of life, and as a result my corporate career success flourished. It was simply a good business decision to meditate every morning!

I have such an intense passion for meditation and mindfulness and the benefits that I had to follow it and share it with others, so I left the corporate world, and became an accredited meditation teacher. Now with Carrie, I direct my passion and knowledge into Madam Heap. Knowing that we can really help people get more out of their lives makes me so excited to get out of bed every day!

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