Monthly Community Mindfulness For Women

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3rd Tuesday in the month, 7.30 - 8.30pm

Teacher: Liv Downing

These session are for women new to mindfulness and meditation, however every level of experience is welcome.

Each session we will be exploring a different element of mindfulness theory and practice and there will be plenty of time for meditation, questions and discussion as well as the sharing of practical mindfulness tools to bring into our everyday lives. Each session is “drop in” and you can come along once or for the rest of the year!

Wear comfortable clothes as we will be sitting on the floor and while cushions will be provided, feel free to bring along your favourite meditation cushion or stool.

You can find more out about liv at

Investment: Donation to local charity (St Kilda Mums)

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Just women? yes

Why not men? Liv wants to create a safe and supported place for women

What if I have never meditated before, is this the right level? yes

I am an experienced meditator - can I come? yes, sits will be reasonably short (up to 20 mins) but discussion will be rich

I want to bring my daughter, what is the age limit? 16+ welcome

Why are they free? Liv wants to give back to the community and she is always asked by friends where they can go to learn to meditate locally so she thought she would start her own class