Yoga at Madam Heap

Our school features weekly Mindful Yoga and Kundalini Yoga classes 

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Mindful Yoga

Run by Tina Bruce from Restore a Yoga Mum, these yoga classes are a slower 'Yin' style of yoga which incorporates longer held static stretches and restorative poses. Yin heals by softening sore muscles, releasing tight joints and calming the mind. It requires you to slow down your breath so that your thoughts aren't running your entire nervous system. The hunger for a yoga practice that allows for both rest and looking inward seems strongly desired in our hectic and stressful lives. Simply stopping and becoming present with yourself will allow for the Yin to do its thing!

Wednesday 9.30am
Thursdays 9.30am

'Mums and Bubs' Class: Thursdays 11.00am 

Class Length: 60 mins
Costs: $25

Bookings via the MINDBODY app.

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Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga is taught at our studio by three of our lovely and experienced teachers who teach with their own style and with a special energy and focus that they bring to the Kundalini practice. These classes operate independently to Madam Heap and therefore bookings are made by contacting the teachers directly below.

Tuesdays 9.00am - Julia (0458 216 108)
Fridays 9.30am - Julia  (0458 216 108)